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Girls will be parades, dressing up, excited kids, an abundance of green, parties, Mass, flag-bearing, Irish music and for many, a Guinness or two if it is available in their corner of the world.

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Here in Oslonext Saturday will be the culmination of months of planning. I moved here from German five years ago with husband and two kids in tow.

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Following a chance happening upon upside down insertions Irish community, I joined a group of Irish women one cold January 6th in a lovely Irish pub to celebrate Nollaig na mBan.

After a patrick evening of Irish wit, wisdom and easy german, I was drawn into the Irish circle here.

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The parade and celebrations here in Oslo are slightly more low-key than London and are run by the Irish community. We were on patrick weekend break from London, before we moved here. We all know that the Irish global reach is long and that we travel far homemade iowa porn our small isle in the North Atlantic.

Nonetheless, I was absolutely stunned to see Oslo police on horseback guiding a marching band, followed by hundreds of flag-waving Irish with families as they walked down the main shopping street on a busy Saturday afternoon.

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Some Irish wolfhounds had even turned up for the day to walk the walk for their ancestors. Little did I know then that I would be walking down the street girls a member of this community in just a few years.

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A lot of work goes into keeping this great Irish celebration alive and thriving. The organising committee is totally reliant on volunteers to give their time and energy throughout the year.

There is much to organise, from sponsorship, fundraising, marshals, logistics, permits from police and authorities, promotion and marketing.