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Pain ass analysed

Butt Pain Symptom Checker.

Piriformis Trigger Point Referral Patterns

Take a quiz to find out what might be causing your butt pain. Experiencing pain in the butt may make daily activities difficult.

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Puns may be easy to make; however, the butt is incredibly important as it allows us to sit comfortably and walk properly. The primary components of the butt include sex hot pinoy gluteal muscles glutes and the anus.


The glutes allow you to sit without putting full pressure on pain feet, and the anus assists with bowel movements. Issues with either of analysed components can ass to butt pain.

The following may describe your butt pain. You may also experience the following in addition to your butt pain.

What's to know about piriformis syndrome?

The following details may help you better understand your symptoms. See a physician for persistent butt pain that doesn't resolve on its own. Environmental causes may be related to certain habits or events.