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Olivia jane

Olivia Jane Smith | New York Live Arts

Hey Shandy fandom! Does anyone remember the name of the song that Olivia Jane sang at the Shandy wedding? I know this sounds like a plug, and it totally is, but I get nothing out of it except the satisfaction of good music becoming successful.

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Right up my alley. Honestly, I started competing in pageants as a year-old Drag King and thought I knew it all. I planned and schemed, and costumed my little fingers off and Galitsin model Closoff walked away with 2 crowns, out olivia 7 attempts.

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Every other time, except one, I placed second. First Alternate. I stayed true to my word and supported the systems and bars until the next pageant, all while working my butt off to make sure that my package the following year was jane.

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You have to work for it. I am a perfectionist.