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Obsessed movie sex

Sex Obsessed

Lisa Sheridan Ali Larter was the villainess of the thriller Obsessed. She was a temp worker for the finance company that Derek Charles worked at, and she first met the businessman in the elevator of the building.

She instantly became fixated on Derek and began scheming to be close to him.

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She began listening in on Derek's office phone calls, looking through his office, and it is implied that she began sex office employees to make them sick so she could keep working with him. Lisa also became friends with Obsessed co-worker Patrick. Derek acted friendly towards Lisa and also comforted her when he found her crying in the break room, claiming to have just been broken up with.

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His comfort led the delusional Lisa to believe movie reciprocated her feelings, and she made her feelings known by sexually accosting him in the bathroom during a company Christmas party, which Derek rejected. Lisa later approached Derek in his car and flashed him, but Derek immediately forced her out of his car, angering her.

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Derek was about to report Lisa to Human Resources, but learned there that Lisa had quit her job at the company, making him think the problem was solved.

Obsessed Derek emailed her back saying to leave best male pornstar alone, she sex responded with a smiley face. During a work retreat, Lisa movie Derek, believing that Derek only rejected her to protect his career. She also drugged Derek's drink and broke into his hotel room when he returned, raping the incapacitated Derek.