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Our butts come in all shapes and sizes.

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Sometimes our derriere is exactly inch way we want it, other times we need to work on it. There are five main types of jlo fake fucking and this guide will help you understand your shape and do the right exercise to flatter your derriere.

This is the most common bottom shape in younger women.

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This means that the hips and pelvis are the same width, giving a bit of a square box appearance. A person with a square-shaped butt means that they might have love handles. A post shared by Sarah Lili sarahlili on Sep 3, at 6: Wear high-waisted pants that are cut on the sides and A-line skirts with soft textures.

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Straight ass pants with pinstripes detail can give the illusion of curves at the hips. The waist is smaller but the fat is gathered around the hips rather than the bottom of the butt, which creates the appearance of a V.

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This is one of the least desirable shapes for women. A V-shape can be improved by trimming down your muffin top.

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