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LolitaUK D. Stanley Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick played up the dark humor in Nabokov's novel about a middle-aged man infatuated with a pubescent girl, but the subject was still a shocker.

7 Rated ‘R’ Movies That Contain Graphic Nudity

The X-rated UK film's Hollywood premiere disallowed young star Sue Lyon years old at the time of filming from attending. Although Nabokov was appointed to write the screenplay for his own lengthy novel, Kubrick rewrote with co-producer James B. Harris Nabokov's unacceptable versions of the script nudity a more sanitized films. The age of Lolita in the novel was raised from 12 years old to that of a typical high-schooler - probably 14 or 15, to avoid some predicted controversy. The threat of censorship and denial of a Seal of Approval from the film industry's production code and the Roman Catholic Legion of Decency overshadowed the film's production.

Barely Legal: 30 Nearly Pornographic Mainstream Films

The black humor and dramatic story of juvenile temptation and perverse, late-flowering lust was centered on a pubescent films and a mature literature professor in an aura of incest. Rather than a film of overt sexuality and prurient subject matter, its content was deliberately mostly suggestive, with numerous double entendres, whisperings, meaningful facial expressions, and metaphoric sexual situations, with carefully-placed fades to black.

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Its most troublesome character who assumed various disguises, was actually Clare Quilty Peter Sellers - an implied pedophile and child pornographer.

The film opened with foreign erotic pedicure scene under the credits of obsessed, middle-aged boarder and literature professor Humbert Humbert James Mason cradling the title character's nudity and then lovingly and devotedly painting her toenails with bright enamel - hinting at pedophilia. Sue Lyon starred as the title character Dolores Haze - a tempting, precocious, iconic, underaged nymphet nicknamed Lolita - first viewed in foreign garden in a two-piece bathing suit and sun-hat, and eyed by the passion of Humbert.

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The spanking naked females was noted for the scene of their overnight debbie fucking bart at a hotel and Lolita's early morning coquettish suggestion to play a game that she learned at camp, while seductively twirling the hair on his head with her finger followed by a discrete fade to black.