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By John Luciew jluciew pennlive. Nude photos of Pa. Police say the photos where then shared with many more students at the Pa.

District: Nude Pics Of Pa. High School Girls Posted On Website

The expression 'the more, the merrier' sure didn't fit a weekend wedding reception in Berks County. That's because it took cops from 16 different Pa.

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Gambler arrested for urinating in anal sphincter incontinence machine at Pa. Perhaps it was a run of bad luck, coupled with that 'just-gotta-go' feeling.

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Killed in the Pa. Western Pennsylvania nudist school teacher Jason Cooper, 38, accused of having sex with a female student apparently isn't denying the incident. Instead, his defense is she was 18 and the sex was 'consensual.

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Denise Marie Nagrodski, 52, of the Easton, Pa. Jamison Geibel, 29, a western Pennsylvania substitute teacher, allegedly asked a year-old female student for nude photos while he was working at her school. She later supplied the photos, teen the former teacher now finds himself facing child porn charges.