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Nudest clubs

Berlin AFP - Many Germans still love to bask naked on the beaches of Spain and France but at home, long the land of the all-over tan, the nudist movement is in decline. For almost a century, German sun-worshippers have been known to rip off their clothes at the first sighting of the country's all-too-rare summer rays.

Especially since the carefree s, naturists, unencumbered by clothing and their parents' prudish mores, have frolicked in the buff on beaches, lakes and in city parks.

Clothing Optional: NJ Nudist Clubs

Nudest trend was especially popular in the former communist East Germany, whose people clubs it as a clubs expression of personal liberty in an otherwise highly oppressive society.

The energetic septuagenarian has been counting membership forms and says total numbers for Germany's clubs have fallen two percent a year to about 40, Followers of the bronze cult are now ageing fast.

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The largest contingent is currently in the 50 to year-old bracket, and members tits fotos 25 have become rare. Fischer blames radical changes in people's working lives, with irregular hours making it hard to commit to FKK clubs and associations. From bowling to table tennis and even sailing holidays in Greece, the FKK clubs offer a wide range of outdoor activities and competitions.

This is especially true for younger people who are nudest less likely than their parents to strip off their trunks or bikinis in public, in part because they regard fashion as a crucial marker of group identity.