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It is now in men Uffizi collection in FlorenceItaly.

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The two young men are engaged in the pankrationa kind of wrestling similar to the present-day sport of mixed martial arts. The two figures are wrestling in a position now known as a "cross-body ride" in modern folkstyle wrestling.

The upper wrestler nude his left leg entwined with his opponent's left leg, with his body across the opponent's body, lifting the opponent's right arm.

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Neither of the two heads are original to the group, though that of the lower figure is older and is as advanced sylistically as the sons in the "Niobe Group". The group are considered to be finest quality Roman copies of a lost bronze. Not every 20th-century viewer admired "a work once famous and now unfairly neglected", as art wrestler Kenneth Clark said of it: The last two are mentioned by Pliny as creators of a sculptural black homegrown porn nude symplegmatasignifying sculptures of figures closed in struggle, whether purely physical or amatory.

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The discovery of The Wrestlers caused such an immediate sensation among the cognoscenti of Rome, that men event can be dated to wrestler very end of March or beginning of Aprilin a vigna belonging to the Tommasini da Gallese family near Porta San GiovanniRome, together with the group of individual sculptures called the Niobids. Circumstances of their discovery, and the fact that the heads were missing, led early antiquarians —and the engravers who worked to their direction—to group the paired figures with these Niobids.

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Within days of their excavation, Valerio Ciolia sculptor and restorer of Roman antiquities in Rome, was writing to the secretary of Francesco I rekha actress xxx Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscanyto alert his patron to the discovery, and the Medici lost no time: There it was illustrated in an engraving of