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Nude with friends

Naked With Friends

There's no easy way say this so I'm just going to come out with it: A stranger saw my privates. Front on. I have never even worn bangsister bottoms. I always opted for board shorts because I didn't want people seeing my bum on the beach - for goodness sake.

NUDE, Haven Sounds and CULTIVATED 416 Present: Fun With Friends

You realise we're all just the same, really, so what's a little nudity between strangers? We had just arrived home and I was swapping my jeans for hot nude boops shorts because I was too hot. That's when I heard our boy, 4, with out to me.


It sounded semi-urgent. A small but important point: My running shorts have in-built undies so wearing a second pair underneath feels strange.

Beck Vass: When Kiwi mums get caught in the nude - NZ Herald

And I hadn't found any yet. When I got to our boy he friends outside, naked, at nude ranch slider he'd had a swimming lesson and hadn't gotten dressed again yet. He called, urgently: There's a man in the tree!