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Nude water sports

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Experience Berlin. But amidst the decline, one sports club in Berlin has managed to attract nudists with their activities. I pick up the volleyball and look up. I regret this instantly.

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Dress code? Nothing but my sports shoes and socks. Eight other naked men, some in their twenties and thirties along kristen kreuk desnuda two old-timers, are passing some volleyballs around.

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Everyone is passing, chatting or stretching while Mike is putting water the 4 Euro payments in sports fanny pack.

They offer nude table-tennis, nude yoga classes, nude water sports and, of course, nude nude. Before I know it, I am listening to Mike explain some volleyball exercises in German.

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I understand quite a bit and realise that I just have to go with it. I might be butt-naked in a school gym, but I will show them what I got. I tell the man next to me in my best German that I am not even that good at volleyball, and that I am mostly here as a journalist.