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She was then upstaged by Jaimee-Lynn Spears 16 who got pregnant by her year old boyfriend who is now demanding a paternity test. I give Vanessa points for originality since most actresses who had a childlikegood girl image posed for Playboy in order to get a sexier look.

Dane Cook Jokes About Vanessa Hudgens' Nude Photos

She has dated both guys Drake Bell and vanesa Zac Efron and her songs are catchy. Remember that internet scandal involving naked photos of Vanessa Nude Sorry, Modelnonude reading this article on Jaimee-Lynn Hudgens pregnancy. Vanessa Hudgens college. Hey, I'd be hitting Vanessa Hudgens' pootytang raw night after night if I could!

A hot disney chick who stars in the high musical movies.

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Most people would know her as the HS musical star that posed nude for her boyfriend. Dude, I was on the 'net and I saw vanessa's hudgens!

Vanessa Hudgens NAKED PHOTOS: New Nude Pictures Show Starlet - AGAIN

She is very fuckable. Zac is one lucky SOB.

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Vanessa Hudgens unknown. Zac Efron duh 2.