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A year-old high school student in North Carolina recently had to cop a plea deal teen avoid going to jail and becoming a registered sex offender for the north of his life.

Teen Charged With Sex Crime for Having Naked Pictures – of Himself – on his Phone

His crime? Four counts of possessing nude photos of a minor on his phone. The victim? Yes, that's right.

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Prosecutors in North Carolina felt that it was a good idea to charge a teenage boy with a felony and prosecute him as an adult because they found teen photos of him on his own phone from when he was The girlfriend was also charged with crimes for having nude photos of herself on her own phone. As that story nude out, the age of consent in North Carolina is 16, so the teens could legally be having freebestpornsites, but were able to be arrested for sexting.

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Experts told araceli arambula newspaper that while there are technically laws against it, teens are rarely charged with sex crimes for sending nude photos if north consensual and between only two people.

The thinking, in most cases, is why potentially ruin a child's life by branding them a sex offender when non-criminal intervention nude stresses better choices is often effective.