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Nude surgery

Surgeons can stop spread of germs by operating NAKED

Sheila Harosky sued Washington Hospital, its chief executive and the doctor performing her nude. She alleges invasion of privacy and medical malpractice, among other claims in the lawsuit filed Dec. The year-old said she discovered the surgery when she returned to work after an incisional hernia surgery in September The hospital claims the photos were an extension of a practical joke Harosky participated in by putting fake intestines on her porn woman squatting before the surgery.

While she admitted playing a joke on her doctor, Harosky said she didn't give permission for the photos to be taken.

Woman Who Claims Nurse Took Naked Photos Of Her During An Operation Sues Hospital

The hospital said it fired the nurse who took the photos and no longer allows the doctor to perform surgeries. But Harosky, who worked as an operating room secretary, said in her lawsuit she was subjected to harassment from other employees.

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Harosky took an extended leave of absence as recommended by her doctor. She told the Tribune-Review she was fired once her leave ended in October.

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Both Nude and her lawyer surgery the hospital treated her like the wrongdoer instead of the victim. It is unclear what damages she is seeking. Skip to content.