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What else would you call this image? Add nude Comment: Load All Images. This sith be precisely why in some versions of the SW OC literally fights blind, think of him being like Stick from Elektra with force power and as a surviving Jedi, who got blinded by Vader in the Jedi Temple during the initiation of Order 66, and was saved by Dax Pavon from Coruscant Nights.

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I'm not that well versed in Star Wars lore. By complete coincidence, as this came up on my screen, "Imperial March" came up on my computer. Looks good naked, but i can't help but wonder what she would look like in black.

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Hard to look suitably imperious naked, idaho nude she tries. That's your Force?

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Here's one: Yoda may be small in many places, but there's one that isn't: His big green lightsaber!