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Dean Fidelman, Stonemaster pornstar girls nude climber-photographer, started Stone Nudes rockclimber explore the different directions he nude take climbing photography and elevate the form to what he saw as a higher art.

The 2019 Stone Nude Calendar Will Be the Last

By Michael Levy July 26th, This allowed us to use the upper section of rock that rarely had been climbed on and had amazing texture. Dean Fidelman. Back in the late s, Dean Fidelman, the more-or-less official photographer of the Stonemasters, had nude climbing shots plastered all over. They were used in Five Ten ads, featured in catalogues, and used to sell all sorts of things.

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He made good money, but was ultimately unsatisfied. He began pondering ways to satisfy the itch for something more.

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That was basically it. Stone Nudes has been a uniquely satisfying experiment for Fidelman. But his first prints proved eye-catching; the interplay of limbs and lines on the rock and shapes in the landscapes were a welcome change from the tired and predictable climbing photos people had come to expect.

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I always felt that climbing lacked something like that. Fidelman has primarily used female models, but also produced rockclimber calendar of male nudes for a time as well.