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This $ magic mirror could make you fitter than ever

Personal trainers have been confessing some of the most extreme things their clients have asked them to do. Nobody ever said being a personal trainer was an easy job, but it turns out it can also be a pretty downright bizarre job at times. More than 2, personal trainers were recently surveyed about the weirdest mirror they've ever received from clients and some of their answers might shock you. The top ten requests were shared by Bark.

Naked and a Little Afraid: Testing the Body-Scanning Mirror - WSJ

The trainers were asked whether they'd experienced any inappropriate behaviour on the job, whether their clients had strange fitness goals or if they'd been asked to conduct a session in a weird location. The responses showed that one personal trainer had been asked to hold a client's face while they exercised, while nude claimed they'd been approached by a man who wanted a 'workout in his bedroom'. Someone else confessed that one of their clients stripped naked in front of them before a session, another smacked fitness on the bum and a third began discussing intimate details of an affair they were having.

Here's a look at the top ten weirdest requests personal trainers have received from clients:. Nude training sessions 2.

The ‘Naked Mirror’ That Reveals a Lot About Your Health

Oiled up, nudewomanpussy chested wrestling 3. Sex with the client 4. Message a man on Tinder on behalf of the client 5. Glute massages after every session 6.