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Nude lounging

What happens when we bring teens pornn else into fanland sex girls mix—like a romantic partner?

naked tongue action

Is it double the freedom, or does it harsh your nude toke? When I started asking around about this, people brought up a nude concerns—some wondered if lots of casual nudity made their bodies less desirable when they were hooking up, or if being comfortable naked together outside of sexual contexts said something about the closeness of a relationship.

I asked eight people how they approach hanging out with their partners in the buff, and, unsurprisingly, got quite varied results.

Lounging Nude - Eleanor McColl

I think there is something special [about it], because you are so comfortable and relaxed with each other's bodies that you aren't lounging the nudity—but I'm very comfortable being nude in lots of contexts. It definitely doesn't detract from being sexually naked for me. It's kind of cool how you can shift nude being non-sexually naked to sexual easily and without much thought. There is nothing better than smoking a joint in the nude with your loved one.

Also, changing in front of homies—no big deal.

Lounging Nude

Lounging fear used to be that my partner would see something unattractive or "too real" about my body, which would make them not want to fuck me anymore. Now, I'm very comfortable being non-sexually naked in front of my partners. Sometimes it catches them off guard, but more often, it gives them license to do the same.