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Kristen Schaal first came to national attention as the hilariously determined superfan in HBO's "Flight of the Conchords.

Kristen Schaal Goes Wild in This Cut Sex Scene from "Last Man on Earth"

She looks plucked from the silent screen era, shaal her perky flapper hair and full cheeks. But Schaal is a decidedly modern, multifaceted performer -- a female comedian who talks about gender politics on "The Daily Show" and has co-written a shaal satire of sex manuals with her boyfriend Rich Blomquist a "Daily Show" writer called "The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex.

But it's a mark of her comedic talents and unconventional appeal that even these cameos have made a remarkable impression, landing her appearances on "The David Letterman Show" and transforming her into a beloved cult figure.

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We spoke recently in New York City, where Kristen lives, about her mixed feelings on porn, her brief stint on xxx tinees bangla Men," and what she thinks about being "too ugly for television. Sex is a great topic for a comedy book because sex itself is so absurd.

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How did you first find out about sex? I was on the school bus and somebody said, "They're humping! Years later, Kristen found a porno in my brother's room called "Hot Nights on the Beach.

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I couldn't believe it. Another video nude on afterward, and it was a woman getting it with a broomstick and loving it.

Kristen Schaal Farted on Will Forte During a Sex Scene

Nude found some positives in it. The woman had an orgasm, theoretically at least, and I remember thinking that was cool. But porn really puts women in a disgusting light.