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Nude french postcards

Erotic postcards were the pornography of the late s and early s.

The Naked Truth About French Postcards

Small pocket-sized cards with a risque photograph on one side and a postcard design on the other. Despite their name these postcards were never intended to be sent via the mail. Posting one could have led to a charge of obscenity, a hefty fine and a possible term in gaol. Due to their pornographic nature, the cards were sold surreptitiously—quite literally under the counter and discretely hidden in brown paper bags. Postcards earliest French postcards date from circa s.

These featured clothed or semi-clothed women posing like classic Greek statues.

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By the s, the images were far more provocative and titillating. The women were usually naked french captured disrobing in their boudoirs—Peeping Tom porn—adding a frisson of voyeurism to the mix.

He was a master of nude the perfect French postcard. He photographed models in his studio, using only daylight teen nude thi illuminate the scene. The photographs were generally made by a creative collaboration between model and photographer.

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