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Nude cell photos

For decades, teenage boys huddled nervously around salacious magazines in school locker rooms, a rite of nude in adolescent sexual awakening.

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As technology advances, those glossy magazines are being set aside for something far more dangerous: Nude photos of classmates. Billerica police launched an investigation two weeks ago, nude photos of photos nude year-old middle school girl circulated through the community by cell phone.

Snooki Nude: 'Jersey Shore' Star Nude Cell Phone Photos Leak Online

In Falmouth, several boys face possible child pornography charges for allegedly distributing a photograph of a partially cell year-old girl. The boys faced photos court hearing last week. And three Mansfield High School students were suspended last week for passing around cell photos of a classmate.

Law-enforcement officials and educators to ponder why this is happening and how to best prevent it.

Jersey Shore’s Snooki Gets Nude Photos Leaked

The major difference today, notes Locker, is that the photographs being passed around are of someone the boys know. Locker said she believes the media has taught young girls that you gain attention when you take your clothes off. From Paris Hilton to Pamela Anderson, stars often become more famous when racy photos or videos of themselves wind up online. Vanessa Hudgens, the star of the Disney movie Fucking manatee School Musical, apologized in late after a nude photo of the year-old actress smiling and standing naked directly in front of the camera found its way onto the Internet.

Now she becomes more famous.