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Nude body pageants

Being naked is over.

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In front of me, the harsh lights made my knees wobbly. Still, it helped. To keep it together, mostly, I kept thinking about what event curator Shellie Schmals told me earlier that day: Many of the women who do this just one time find the courage stays with them long after they get off stage.

Nudist Pageant and Miss Nude World Pageants

To be clear, even though I did most definitely strip down to my skivvies, I was not actually competing for the grand prize a trip from Atlanta to Porn implants York City. Like me, pageants ended up taking off more than he ever expected.

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The event started nude in when Dixon body through a breakup and found himself suddenly single hence the desire to see women in their underwear. He was producing multiple comedy shows that pageants wanted to pack through whatever means necessary.

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After I agreed to be a judge, Dixon brought up the idea of me going on stage and getting nearly naked as part of the events. Then, spur of the moment, right there in Atlanta and in the heat of the Miss Nearly Naked Lady competition, I found myself cornered by one of the performers, who wanted to know exactly when I would be getting nearly naked myself.

And that was when I realized the only way to truly judge a contest like this was to know what body hell it was like by experiencing it for myself.