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Beyond This Point You May Encounter Nude Sunbathers

By Robert Curley. For those who are looking sunbather an all-over tan, many Caribbean islands set aside particular beaches for nude sunbathing.

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On certain islands, you can even go topless at each and every beach. For sunbather, all-nude sunbathing raises nary an eyebrow in St. Barths boat, whereas Bahamians may frown on tourists wearing a bikini anywhere other than the beach. Nude beaches can be a great way to relax, but as with any trip to a new environment or community, its always best to be culturally sensitive.

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While you should do some research before your trip, you should also check the signs before stripping down on the beach. It wouldn't hurt to ask your hotel's front desk or locals for more information, too, just to be safe.

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If you're worried about picking the right nude beach, you can also consider booking a room at one of the Caribbean islands' nudist or clothing-optional resorts for an easy clothing-free vacation.

Nude French and Dutch Caribbean countries have a very relaxed attitude toward topless sunbathing, so you can feel comfortable going sans top whether you are on the French or Dutch side of St.

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For bottomless sunbathing, however, stick to Orient Beach cambodian nude scandal the French side, where it's not uncommon for entire families to be enjoying the sun and surf boat the buff.

You'll find nude and topless sunbathing and swimming common throughout the French West Indies, but St. Nude is a particularly great destination for baring it all. Two of its best beaches, Grand Saline and Anse du Gouverneur, are entirely clothing-optional.

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