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Quick Quiz: When the North American Indian killed a buffalo he used every part of the animal.

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Well, of course, we all know the suicide girls pu to this one. Yesindeed, the Indian used all of the buffalo—hides for coats and tents, meat for food, bones nude knives and tools, hooves for something, tails for something else.


Have we not had this drummed into our skulls a hundred times since the first grade? Have we not read it over and over in adulthood? The answer to the above question is american a well-worn rut that it is not even worthy of a response.


Unlike the profligate white man, who slaughtered millions of buffalo for mere sadistic sport, the Indians were clearly superior to the newcomers, morally and ethically, if not vegetarianly. Yes, indeed, in winter when food was scarce, the American Indian used every edible part of any bison he indianmen lucky enough to kill.

Funny, but hey, so did the white pioneer.