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Nasty nasty sex

15 Guys Reveal The Nasty Sex Fantasy That Gets Them Horny Just Thinking About It

Top definition. The true definition of freak nasty is to be sexually uninhibited.

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It is not being afraid to lebanese slut xxx sex and tryn new things. This person can be female or male, mrried or single It doesnt mean Ur a hoe or a skank.

Urban Dictionary: freak nasty

I want U to spank me with a paddle then tie me up and fuck the shit outta me. Hell Yeah!

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That's freak nasty! Implies blatantunhindered sexuality, and an undertone of kinkiness.

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Generic urban-inspired term for the act or idea of rough or unusual sex. One who enjoys rough or unusual sex. Thompson October 15, Freak nasty is defined as the state of being extremely horny and willing to do anything.