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As most of us know, the way describe is utilized and portrayed in chargen allows for an opportunity for another player to metagame if the character in question is otherwise disguised via a hood or other implements.

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Instead of touting describe as where the new player puts in their eye and hair color. Either that or have a "forced" description for the cybernetics or missing limbs when they become present.

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This is simple enough but having the player understand why keeping possible meta information out of their basic description is a good thing and nakeds examples of how to creatively describe nakeds, etc.

With both the naked changes and the changes to explaining how describe should function, it "should" not will help new characters come out of legs with nude figure photography vibrant characters. As well for those of us who do use all our naked messages it will cut down on the clutter of having to describe each individual limb. Of course this is just an idea so feel free to comment, criticize etc as you feel fit.

I think the game is hard enough taxi nudes newbies already without not letting them into the game world without mandatory descriptions for every limb.

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Give them a chance to explore and lead by example with cool Nakeds. If you do a good job, in time they will follow.

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I agree legs Reefer on this. While I get Hyperbole's point about clothing covering some, legs a pretty fine game point that sort of comes with time, maybe? Just like nakeds are generally nakeds to evolve and flush out as a person learns more about the game or as the player and character mature with time.