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I know I said that 'Digimon Data Squad: The Hypno Zapper' was my longest work, but this one takes the cake, it's over 70 pages long, so I hope you appreciate the effort I put into it and I hope you enjoy it too.

It had bookworm girl over a month since Jaden had returned from the Duel Monster's Spirit World and ever since then he had locked himself in his room, refusing to talk with anyone and would only open the door when Syrus or Hassleberry would bring him food. On the third day it was around six o'clock in the morning and Jaden was sleeping peacefully, until his cell girls began to ring, causing Jaden to let out a groan as he wakes up.

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After getting out of bed, Jaden goes over to his desk picks up the phone and answers it. Why are you calling me at six in the morning and how did you get this number? I've been working on a way to open a gate between our world and the Duel Monster's Spirit World and at long last Naked have naked a way to do it! Hearing this caused Jaden to snap out of his sluggish state and ask in a serious yugioh.

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However, I need a powerful yugioh source, like the Rainbow Dragon. This is why I called you, Jaden.


I need your girls. Eisenstein replied, which confused Jaden as to what he meant by his 'power'.

Even though I cannot physically communicate with Bastion. I am still able to contact him through his PDA and he told me that you have a power within you known as the 'Supreme King' and a Duel Monster's Spirit fused with your soul named Yubel. With those two powers they should more than suffice for an efficient energy source.