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Naked tomb raider

10 Myths About Video Games

The " Nude Raider " legend is an urban legend revolving around the action-adventure game Tomb Raider. Ever since Tomb Raider's release, its heroine, Lara Croft, has been seen as a major sex symbol in the video game industry, and that pornhublatina been a large focus of the franchise's marketing.

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This soon led to rumors of a secret cheat code that would allow players to make Lara Croft naked during gameplay. Naked of the game, in an attempt to troll perverted players, released several codes that supposedly took Lara's clothes off, only to have the codes blow her up.

In the original tomb, exiting Lara's pool will cause her to utter the line "Now I'd better take off these wet clothes.

Nude Raider

The main method said to make her strip down is to find the pool in raider mansion and enter one of the following codes after jumping in:. Doing so, however, does nothing to make Lara Croft naked. The developers maintain the position that no code exists, but they generally refuse to outright deny it in public for their own amusement.

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