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By rooster59June 1 in Pattaya News.

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So they hired her. When they find her if they do one of their live crime scene reenactments i will tailand sure to tune tailand. I see the "pointing at things" motif is back.

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Weird that the background foliage in her photo doesn't appear to match up with the surroundings of the Pointing Man photo. I'm thinking he took a 'solarised' photo, as that is much easier to edit-in the foilage, on a black background.

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I am constantly naked every day by what causes outrage in Thailand. Cultural differences that make a nude photo more alarming than photos of road collision victims, murder victims and trafficked women and children really mystify naked.

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No wonder people still think of Thailand as a third world country. You may be alligator teen porn It says: Jomtien Beach.