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It speculated on the state of his year marriage to British-born Asma al-Assad, who has stood by her husband during a year of protests that come close to civil war.

Syrian women suffer inside their country and out

Some comments sent by female aides to the president gush with admiration: However, with the exception of the nude photograph sent on December 11 last year, there is little that seems overtly sexual in the content.

The woman in the picture stands, back to the camera, face in profile, wearing only skimpy underwear, with girls arms raised and rico barrera naked against the wall of a room. Dark hair piled high, she appears girls be in her 20s and bears a similarity to a woman from whose account the message was apparently sent.

Data embedded in the photo file indicate syria shot was taken five years ago.

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On the day it was e-mailed to the head of state, his army was attacking towns that had become strongholds for rebel troops in some of the heaviest fighting that had then been seen. It is not the only picture passed around though.

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Another syria apparently sent the president a computer-graphic image of a comic camel in thigh boots and bondage gear and, on another day, an naked giraffe captioned: I love you A three-word email from Asma al-Assad to her husband on December 11, forwarding a solicitous message from a daughter of the emir of Qatar betrays their bitter mood toward a Gulf state that was once a key naked and investor: My father regards President Bashar as a friend, despite the current tensions - he always gives him genuine advice.

But three days later she replied: Take care, aaa. Talk of personal ties also clouds relations with Turkey, another regional player uravshi fuck pic once took a lead in trying to draw Assad out of an earlier isolation.