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History of Naked in Cinema: Kama Sutra: Indian director Mira Nair's lush romantic melodrama about love and betrayal was set in pre-colonial, 16th century India. Because of the film's sexual content and frequent nudity, it was threatened with an NC rating and therefore released un-rated in the US. It told of two girlhood lightskin girlcamel toe who as adults became competitive rivals for power and love in a love triangle: Maya succeeded in arousing the lustful affections of the powerful, playboyish Prince Raj Singh Naveen Andrews on the eve of Tara's wedding day to the Prince and was then banished chawdary exiled from the palace by her mother for being a whore.

She also inflamed the jealousy of Tara when the Prince called out Maya's name during the sexual consummation of their vows. She also fell in love with long-haired stone sculptor Jai Kumar Ramon Tikaram for whom she posed as a nude sofy for his life-sized statues, one of which was recognized as her likeness by Naked Raj the former Prince.

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Maya was chosen to become part of the King's harem as his most favored courtesan. In one lesbian-tinged sexual scene after Tara was repeatedly rejected by the promiscuous Raj with many mistresses, Maya taught her how to be a better lover by kissing sofy the length of her body.