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I had to spread my legs to not fall in, and if I wore a long shirt, it could get in the way. Now 25, Blu3Army73 says the habit has held strong.

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Very low doors, wide stalls, walls that touch the floor and extremely clean. I talked to several guys naked strip down before sitting down nude tennie a second thought. Aaron, 26, Washington: My ritual usually takes place in the comfort of my own home, and generally precedes a shower in the morning, so I doff my garbs before sitting atop my throne.

However, I seldom shit my socks; I do not enjoy the sensation of sliding a dry foot into a moist garment.

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When I plan on changing after, I will cast off my clothes with nary a second thought. There have been times where my mannerisms have been problematic.

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I have once or twice missed packages that required signing: By naked time I clean up and reattire, the mail courier has already left with a note stuck to my door. Alas, in times of emergencies where necessity comes before preferences, my person remains fully clothed and business is conducted as quickly as possible. Christian, 60, Tampa: I get fully nude before I go No. The whole shit just seems that much easier without the clothes.