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Naked poledancer

The latest sensation to hit the internet is video naked of a British backpacker pole-dancing on a street in Cairns.

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The video has been shown worldwide and the story has hit a number of Australian newspapers, attracting a debate over privacy. The video is the result of a miley cyruz porn between residents and backpackers at the Asylum Hostel in Cairns. Local residents are unhappy with backpackers on their gap year making poledancer long into the night.

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One particular resident, Bruce Passfield, began filming backpackers after becoming fed up with their late-night revelry. Bruce said: I just wanted to collect evidence to stop all the nudity, dope smoking and late-night Pommie soccer chants.

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Catherine Howard, 19, from the UK, participated in a game of truth or dare, stripping down and pole dancing with a telegraph pole outside the hostel at 2. She believes that the footage is an invasion of privacy. She said: