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Max had just woken up, and saw that Ash and Brock was still asleep, But May was nowhere to be seen, Max got up and got changed, and went to look for his sister.

He kept looking for sister, until he found a lake, where his sister was bathing naked, This was Max's first time seeing May naked, since they were little, and Max could see may guys would stare at his sister all the time.

Max couldn't believe how hot may sister was " This is so wrong, but I can't help it, she's so hot" Max thought naked himself.

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Max's hand unzipped his shorts, and then he took off his underwear, and began jerking of. Max was fantasying that May was giving him pokemon blowjob. May heard this beyonce nudes pussy from Max, and she pokemon her clothes on, and went up to him, and Max didn't even notice his sister. And naked that May took off May's shorts and underwear "Wow your almost as big as Ash" May said shocked at her brother's penis size, and Ash was grown adult, While Max was still a teen.

While May kept stroking May's dick, Max took off May's shirt, and then unhooked her red bra, to reveal her D cup. Max then began sucking on May's breasts, causing May to moan again, While Max was sucking on May's breasts, He took off her shorts, and then her red panties.

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Max complied with May's demand, and began licking his sister's wet pussy. Max had felt nothing like this before, her pussy was so good. Just In All Stories:

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