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Chandra Davis, more commonly known to the world as Deelishis, is a model born January 2, She actually won the hit reality show after the star of the show, Flavor Flav, picked her over Tiffany Pollard.

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The world was on the edge of their seats as it naked down to Deelishis and Tiffany, because Tiffany pic runner up on the first season of Flavor of Love, but deelishes in second on that one nudes gujarati bathing well. The Mimi sex tape is the most popular pic — Mimi Faust actually sucks and fucks Nikko Smith in a really raunchy tape.

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Deelishis was featured on the show as sexy, curvy, and willing to go after what she wanted. She reportedly wanted a real relationship and future with Flavor Flav, but the two split pretty soon after the end of the second season.

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There are mixed stories as to why the couple split up, him saying she left him to start a clothes company, her saying he left her for an opportunity to star in season 3 of Flavor of Love. She claimed after he was contacted in regards to a season 3 he changed his phone number and cut off all communication with her.

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Since appearing on Flavor of Love season 2, lots of different rumors have been circulating around Deelishis and what kinds naked things deelishes has been up to.

One of the most asian cute nudist things floating around is four pictures of her completely nude posing in the bathroom mirror. MTO released the pictures, and refused to say who their source was.

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They only said that the source claimed that Deelishis had iCloud on her phone and it got hacked, leaving all her pictures open to the public long enough for a hacker to download them.