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Naked people drawings

When it comes to yoga there's a very stereotypical image of the kind of person who is interested in the exercise. Sure, we all know the health and fitness benefits of yoga but when we see people doing yoga they all tend to have a reasonably similar 'look', right?

People Posed Naked For A Drawing Class And Learned A Lot

Women's Health. Jack is a writer at Pretty His hobbies include charging admission at weddings and eating glitter. Rumour has it he was thrown naked of Taylor Swift's squad for showing too much belly button. Latest 21 hours ago.

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I felt like the same body image is represented a lot when it comes to yoga, so I wanted to man sexy girl that a little bit. I try to draw what I see in other people and in myself and people try to represent what I think is totally OK and drawings. I just really don't want to reproduce any ideals.