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Rewarded with free dinner for four for freeing the owner, Mr.

Nancy Boy – Placebo

Winston of That's Amore from the restaurant's walk-in freezer, Hank 's initial petite blonde wife is to take DaleBoomhauerand Billbut at Peggy 's insistence, citing the 'romantic' nature of the restaurant, he grudgingly agrees to take boy and another couple instead.

When Dale learns of this, he invites himself naked Nancy along as the second couple.

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Nancy, meanwhile, had been planning to spend the night with John Redcornbut Redcorn tells her to go with Dale, implying that he needs some time to himself. Hurt, she accompanies Dale naked the Hills, but the atmosphere of the restaurant, the steady flow of drink, and Dale's relentless but adoring flirtations lead Nancy to a night of passion with Dale upon their return home - a realization boy horrifies Nancy the next morning. When she tells Dale that night that Nancy Redcorn is due over again, Dale reasons that her headaches have all really been just a desperate bid for his attention, and he nancy guilt for ignoring her needs to the point where she apparently needed Redcorn's healing.

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Seeing Dale so adoring again weakens Nancy's resolve, and she decides at last to end her year affair with John Redcorn. After a second couples' date with the Hills, Nancy is shocked when, as Dale slumbers in her arms, John Redcorn appears at her bedroom window.

He ducks back out of sight when Dale stirs and makes his way to the bathroom, then climbs in and angrily confronts Nancy.

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As he does so, Dale, mistaking Redcorn for a prowler, sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a lamp, only to realize afterward who he is.