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She was best known for her appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling and World Championship Wrestling naked the mids under the ring name Woman.


On June 22,she was murdered by her husbandwrestler Chris Benoitwho murdered their 7-year-old son Daniel on June 23,and then committed suicide on June 24, She had also been selling programs at the Orlando shows and appeared as Para in "Apartment Wrestling" features. Benoit was on this shoot where she met Kevin Sullivanwho eventually wanted her to be a part of his wrestling entourage.

After months of convincing, Nancy finally became an on-air valet, taking the ring name "Fallen Angel".

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The two married nancy She would sit in the audience and would interact with Steiner whenever he appeared. She eventually turned on him, aligning herself with Kevin Sullivan and adopting the name Woman and becoming the manager of Doom Butch Reed and Girls rose sex Simmons. In lateSullivan and Nancy joined the PhiladelphiaPennsylvania -based promotion Extreme Championship Wrestlingwhere Nancy reverted to the ring name "Woman".

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They held the championship until Marchwhen they were benoit by The Public Enemy. The Sandman's naked was estranged from his wife and valet, Peacheswho had left him after The Sandman accidentally struck her during a match while temporarily blinded.

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Woman drove nancy wedge between The Sandman and Peaches, convincing him that Peaches was cheating on him with Tommy Cairo.