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The transaction was unremarkable except for one fact: The customer was not wearing any clothing.

Naked man visits Bennington stores

Shortly afterward, naked archeologist same man paid a visit to the Two Brews Cafe on North Street, where the reaction was markedly different. There, the manager, "terrified" by the man's approach, locked the door and called police. Numerous calls came naked to the Bennington Police Department during the afternoon about the man, who police tracked down at the Autumn Inn, on East Main Street, around 5 p.

Although the man had committed no crime, he was told by police that he was making people feel uneasy, and agreed to leave town, according to Police Chief Paul Doucette.


At Bringing Sexonlinechatfriend Business, the cashier, Bethany Hassett, 19, said the nude man entered the store around 4 p. When he asked about coffee, she directed him to it.

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Man checkout, he asked about places to go swimming around town, and Hassett suggested two lakes. The brief interaction attracted attention from the approximately 10 customers in the store at the time, one of whom remarked that she had never seen anything like it in all her years of being alive, Hassett said.

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The encounter was also a first for the cashier, who never before had interacted with a nude customer.