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Miss Quinn.

PHOTOS: Clown Around With Sexy Bodybuilding Bozos / Queerty

Photo courtesy of subject. I do like Women fuking eachother a lot, but Ronald McDonald's probably got cash and the Joker's got something going for him if Harley [Quinn is that into it.

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This isn't a game of fuck, marry, kill played in a dorm room after a few drinks. It's the first question on a Reddit AMA from two years ago with a female coulrophiliac, a.

To many of us, clowns—with their wide smiles and harrowing laughs—are absolutely terrifying.

Inside the Kinky, Brightly Colored World of Clown Fetishists

I was far from the only one who spent most of last fall thinking some guy in a clown suit was going to jump out at me and give me a clown attack as I walked home. The evil clown trope is key to many horror films, including the upcoming movie of Stephen King's It. But life is a rich and kinky tapestry, and inevitably it turns out there are people out there who actually get off on clowns.

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After last year's killer clown craze, adult site Pornhub found that searches of clown porn had gone up by percent, and—somewhat surprisingly—women were 33 percent more likely to search for it than men. This all started as a performance art thing in punk bars where I was just some naked guy naked clown makeup on and women would try and hook up with me and make overt sexual advances towards me.

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It was wild. When Sugar Weasel first started out, he says, clown fetishes were much rarer. I didn't male know of anybody else doing this kind of thing.