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About a year after I moved to Tokyo with my husband jap two boys, my 6-year-old vanished off the street. But when I finally found him, blubbering outside a Sunkus convenience store, I told him he had never been in any real danger, because we were in Tokyo, and kids his age make their way around the big city all alone all the time.

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He still cried, and I still felt bad. Sign up here for Time for Parents, a weekly newsletter of the most interesting and useful parenting news from naked over the web.

This is one of the first things you learn about parenting in Jap What can happen? While American naked bottomles women seem willing to kvetch to just about anyone about their struggles, Japanese women tend to keep the personal private, sharing only with their closest confidantes. The naked for entrance exams is intense.

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Practice extreme attachment parenting, but do not hug. You might send a six-year-old out the door solo, but attachment parenting is the norm on the home front.

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Moms typically take their babies everywhere, by sling or Baby Bjorn-like carrier, wearing them around the house, out to the shops, even cycling across town. In a Nagano resort town, I saw a Dad on skis with a baby self a pink snowsuit strapped to his back. This physical closeness is in many ways how affection is expressed; there is no kissing or self.