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Naked haitian bums

Naked protesters showed up to Parliament and glued their bums to security glass

While haitian are bums commonly revered for their magnificent brains these scholars are hoping to be recognised for boobssexgaral shapely butts.

Bums cheeky students got down to their marathi act nude suits all in the hope of being crowned Bristol's Naked Bum. The brave applicants have stripped naked everywhere from rooftops to hallways, in the street on nights out and in their own kitchens posing with cookery utensils.

Student newspaper The Tab is running the online poll into the city's best derriere with seven entries naked ten men plus a separate competition involving four women. Male applicants have struck poses looking out to sea, reaching over country scenery with their arms stretched out, and standing around a kitchen hob.

Aussie daily publishes pic of Kate Middleton’s naked bum

A student dubbed Marcus Buttocks is pictured standing on a cliff edge with arms stretched out towards the sea, Francois Derriere is wearing an apron and holding a frying pan, while another is pouting as he snaps haitian bathroom mirror selfie. Female students snapped close up bum pictures of themselves lying in bed wearing saucy underwear and skimpy thongs.

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Last week Cambridge University students bared all when the university's top 18 bums were announced in a competition that celebrates the best rears every year.

Play slideshow. Kim Kardashian makes a very sexy return to social media.