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Naked day denmark

Then my parents day to stay at the weekend and during a walk around the beach at Charlottenlund, they were taken aback by the number of people swimming — naked.

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Without any fuss, both men and women were very casually stripping off to go skinny dipping. It was 11am denmark Sunday morning. And trying to change on the beach after a quick dip always results in an embarrassing muddle — mine.

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Take for example the preparations needed before you can even get into the pool. They are also much more matter of fact about sex.

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I was pretty taken aback when my three year old picked up an illustrated book at his kindergarten about the facts of life. The front cover naked a drawing of a naked man and woman in bed together.

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But when I handed it sexy girlfriend video a member of staff saying there must be some mistake, she was surprised at my reaction. One offending item was a photo of a female breast with the nipple clearly visible.