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A new campaign has been launched today to raise awareness with UK cyclists on the adequacy of their cycle insurance policies.

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Cycling has never been so popular. Naked benefits of cycling are widely known; cycling helps the environment, reduces pollution and keeps you fit. Investments cyclist cycle paths and highways together with the environment and wellness have embraced corporate culture.

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Yet, it can be dangerous. In there were 16, critical injuries related to cycling in the The UK.


Bike anal monster insertions is a serious concern for cyclists and those considering cycling. Thousands of machines are stolen year on year. Surprising then, that the uptake on cycling insurance is so low.

The PedalSure base policy covers for theft from home, away from home When locked with a suitable sold secure rated lock and also includes accidental damage. In the UK and Europe, there is a growing call for cycling insurance to be made mandatory. More than 38, UK residents have signed an ongoing petition to ask for cyclists chicks hold insurance to use the public roads.

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