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Story from Body. This article was originally published on December 1, We're of the opinion that all butts are worth celebrating; back in September, we shared our unfiltered, unretouched photos of 30 women's behinds — you know, male case you'd forgotten what un-Photoshopped butts really look like.

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The lady-butts were beautiful, and you asked for a shoot of men's backsides, too. Now, we've heeded your booty call. Ahead, 30 men show anus their behinds and tell us how they really feel suck her asshole them — from proud to indifferent to insecure.

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Men's butts may not always undergo the same scrutiny or Photoshopping that women's butts do, but unrealistic physical standards affect dudes, too. When the guy-butts we see on a daily basis are mostly if not entirely of the greased-up, tighty-whitey-clad, underwear-model variety, we lose sight naked literally — of the glorious variety of this essential body part.

As one of our butt models so wisely put it, "We can't all have a butt like Kim Kardashian. Not even Kim Kardashian.