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Soon after taking office in October, Anies seemingly fulfilled his campaign promise to shut down Alexis as part of a larger moral crusade against the widespread practice of prostitution naked julia taylor Jakarta.

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The hotel also contains a nightclub called 4Play with karaoke rooms which remain legally active. Rumors eventually emerged that sexual services were still on the menu at 4Play and a recent exposee investigation by Tempo accused the venue of essentially being a strip clubcomplete with karaoke rooms and female attendants who gave lap dances behind closed doors.

However, Lina Novita, a legal consultant for Alexis, denied that such an admission of guilt had ever been made. However, as of the time of writing, the BAP has not yet been shown to the media. You must be logged in as a Coconuts User to comment.

Governor Anies says infamous Alexis Hotel admitted to prostitution, Alexis says: uh, no, we didn’t

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