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A pichatpong Weerasethakul is one of the most interesting, idiosyncratic film talents to emerge from southeast Asia in a generation. For his debut feature, the semi-documentary Mysterious Object at Noonhe and his crew travelled across Thailand, enlisting a cross-section of citizens in a storytelling exercise - a variation on the game Exquisite Corpse, with successive participants required to pick up the tale where their predecessors had left off.

Blissfully Yourswhich won the Prix un Certain Regard at Cannes, followed two couples' erotic escape into the dense forest near naked lesbions pussy Thai-Burmese border. The film itself straddled multiple boundaries: Weerasethakul kindly asks that I call him Joe, but it's not so simple to invent an easy name or category for his sensuous, hypnotic movies.

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They are unconcerned with conventional plot, acting styles or narrative rhythms - pussyco 45 minutes of Blissfully Yours glide by before the credits roll. His latest, Tropical Malady - also a Cannes prizewinner - is two very different films in one. The first part depicts the romance between Keng, a soldier, and Tong, a country boy; the second uses the same actors in a jungle ghost story about a beast who is devouring the local livestock. Blissfully Yours is also myanmar entering myanmar state where you're so happy that you suffer, because later you have the burden of these happy memories that you can't get back.

Time and Time Again: The Cinematic Temporalities of Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Memory as a debilitating infection is the tropical malady of the title. Weerasethakul translates the film's Thai title, Sud Pralad, as "strange animal" - a jungle monster with transformative powers.

The film was inspired by the adventure tales of Thai author Noi Intanon "they're Indiana Jones kinds of stories - a hunter goes into the jungle trying to find a white buffalo or hidden treasure" and by Jacques Tourneur, director of I Walked With a Zombie pussyco the original Cat People.