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My sexylegs

Bootybuilding is the sexylegs bodybuilding! My bittersweet favorite when it comes to working out: I love to train my legs, because I can go hard at it, work up a sweat and it makes me feel super strong.

My 5 ultimate exercises for strong and sexy legs

Focusing a work-out on the lower part of your body is really great for building strong and sexy legs and sexylegs I erotica sexo videos to show you there is more than squats — lol! Doing strength training for your legs makes them very toned and feminine.

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We all have seen the squat challenges passing by on the internet, because squats are a great way to get yourself some sexy legs. Variety within a workout is always best.


Starting position: Stand up straight with your knees slightly bent and place your feet at shoulder width. Here we go: Step out to the left with your left leg while your right foot stays in place.

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Bend through your left knee and hips while the right leg stays straight.