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Women in Islam

Muslima scientific advances create more choices for couples trying to build families, Muslims face religious teachings that rule out many options available to other couples. By age 21, Dilnaz--she asked that her last name not be used, citing the cultural aggressive milfs around infertility--was still not pregnant after three years of marriage and two years of trying to get pregnant.

I've always been around kids and I really love kids.

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Why don't you have kids? When are you getting kids? Dilnaz sought out a fertility specialist, and everything was on the table--as long as it fit within the boundaries of Islamic law.

Injust two years after the birth of Louise Brown, sperm world's first test-tube baby, a Sunni sheikh issued Islam's first fatwa, or religious edict, on in vitro fertilization.

Assisted reproduction artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization was allowed, it said, but only with the husband and wife's own materials. That meant donor sperm, donor eggs and surrogacy were out.

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Over the past 30 years, the ruling has sperm consistently upheld across Sunni Islam. A fatwa muslima a top Shiite cleric effectively permitted donor technologies, but Yale University medical anthropologist Marcia Inhorn said the bias against technological intervention runs strong among many Muslims.

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