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Muslim hardcore

First there was a rock-singer imamthen electro-dabkeh Levantine folk dance and Mipsters Muslim hipsters.

From Muslim punks to taqwacore: an incomplete history of punk Islam

Now, it's time to take a look at Islamic or Muslim punk. Invented in by an American author, the term "Taqwacore" has since been taken up by muslim media and the music scene as well as Muslim youth. Though the name might have lost some of its initial muslim over the years, this new kind of Islamic music certainly has an appeal. Islamic-inspired punk music is not entirely new.

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At the age of 17, the author left New York to study Islam in Pakistan. He then converted to the religion out of rebellion, before gradually beginning to rebel against hardcore aspects of Islam itself, including its strict rules regarding women, homosexuals and alcohol. In his book "The Taqwacore," Knight imagined "this fantasy world where Islam had no absolute definition, and we had the power to define ourselves.

But after two films were produced on the subject "Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam" in and "The Taqwacores" in hardcore, many of these groups have simply ceased to exist, and most of those who remain do not want be labeled "Taqwacore.

How Islamic punk went from fiction to reality

For many Muslims, this kind of punk rock is considered "haram" contrary to Islam because of its couch for sex and aggressive music and use of profane words.

Using a tone of defiance and sarcasm, Islamic punk groups sing about imams who are too conservative, reactionary responses to hymen teen closeup war against terrorism and the fear of the other in society.

But according to Kominas bassist Basim Usmani, the media engendered many negative reactions to the movement:. It amazes me how strongly people react to Taqwacore.